Business plan prepared under Italian proposals

On meeting the Chairman of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee, Semen Shapiro, Expo Italia Secretary General Emil Milovan focuses on joint projects in the fields of ecology, energy saving, agriculture and wood and granite processing

By Lidia Novikova

Expo Italia is involved in promoting Italian companies to foreign markets, viewing Belarus as an attractive venue. In Grodno, its representatives discussed possible construction (using Italian money) of grain and sugar beet processing facilities in the region, in addition to plants producing flour and poultry. The foreign partners are keen to produce export oriented products in Belarus.

The Grodno Region already boasts several examples of successful Belarusian-Italian co-operation. Talks are underway regarding the construction of a tan-yard in the regional centre, while an Italian line  for glass wool production is to be supplied.

This time, Italian businessmen visited Lida, viewing the district’s investment potential. They are next to visit the Grodno Region in September.

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