Business partners decide to act together

France-Belarus Business Club opens in Minsk
By Sergey Ivanov

The France-Belarus Business Club has become the first public organisation to unite businessmen from the two countries, while also acting as a venue to set up direct contacts between enterprises, aiming to promote Belarusian-French economic and investment co-operation.

“I’m convinced that our organisation will facilitate a trade-economic partnership between Belarus and France, since the idea to create the business club appeared as a result of numerous applications from French and Belarusian businessmen who wished to co-operate with each other. Now, the dream has come true,” noted the Club’s Head, Patrick Burdonne.

Also taking part in the event was the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to France, Pavel Latushko, who noted that, in the future, Belarus and France plan to set up a joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Last year, Belarusian-French turnover was close to $600m, 15 percent higher than in 2012. Nevertheless, according to Mr. Latushko, such a volume of trade doesn’t fully meet the two countries’ needs, hence this joint effort, aimed to activate economic collaboration.

Last year, Belarus presented its investment opportunities in Paris and in other French cities. “We’re shifting towards another important instrument of tied expansion, the activation of inter-regional contacts,” noted the Ambassador. The diplomat didn’t exclude that, in the future, Belarus and France may establish an inter-government commission and a working group that will promote economic interaction between the two states. The initiative was proposed by the Belarusian side and was submitted to our French partners.

The opening of the France-Belarus Business Club was also attended by the Chairman of the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pavel Shinsky, along with deputies of the French Parliament and a delegation of France’s business circles.
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