Business of the young lives and wins

Vladimir Ignatik, Andrey Korotchenia and Kseniya Milevskaya have won at the junior tournament “Roland Gaross”
“This is not just a success of certain tennis-players — this is a victory of the whole Belarusian tennis!” — this is how one should behave toward the victories of Vladimir Ignatik (single category), Andrey Korotchenia and Kseniya Milevskaya (pair category), according to the captain of national tennis teams Dmitry Tatur. Besides, Kseniya was just about to add into her list of victories the fourth one — in a single category.

The victory of a 17-year Ignatik in men “single category” stands high. Especially taking into account that this surname (unlike Korotchenia and Milevskaya, who managed to “shine” in matches of the Davis Cup and the “Federation Cup”) has been known to few people until recently. Volodya’s peculiarity is that he is a universal player, he feels himself confident on all types of covers. Judge: training in the USA, where the majority of lessons and tournaments is on a “hard”, he managed to win a ground “Roland Gaross”. Incredible!

About the perspectives of new stars, the first of which was Gennady Pleschenko, his teachers speak carefully. But this is because of a traditional sport superstition. If to throw superstitions away, we can remember that Ignatik has always been among world leaders in his age groups, three years ago heading up the European rating. And among previous junior “helmet” winners nobody has been lost. “This victory opens great possibilities for Volodya, — argues Tatur. — For the first, he will feel himself much certain, for the second, he will surely head the world rating, and organizers of serious tournaments willingly give out “wild–cards” to titled sportsmen. That is why it is not excluded that in several years we will see him among the leading world tennis-players”.

In addition, we can remember the Davis Cup. According to the captain, the team completing for a September match against Peru will be carried out by the results of several tournaments. However, it is clear now, that Ignatik’s victory, taking into account a “ground” character of the future cup meeting added him many pluses in the forthcoming selection.

The victory of Vladimir Ignatik at the junior “Roland Gaross” became a holiday for his family. But not a surprise... “In Europe both coaches and agents have been saying for several years that he is a very talented boy and possesses great potential, — shared her happiness a champion’s mother. — We also believed in Volodya and for the sake of this faith we sacrificed a lot in our life. For example, I threw up job (Volodya’s mother is an economist, and his father works in one of Minsk construction firms) and accepted decision to travel with him on tournaments in order to support him in hard moments. We were told that tennis is a very expensive kind of sport, but I would like to say the following: if there is a talent and a head, you can go far”.

Ignatik had and has both. “What a clear head this guy has!” — John Roddik, a brother of a famous American tennis-player, on the first day of staying of Byelorussian in the USA (Ignatik moved beyond the seas 2 years ago), had put Volodya against the best player of his school and was impressed by what he had seen. Besides, the match was won by Ignatik... He also won twice the junior “Kremlin Cup”, won at prestigious European tournaments, he has always been the best among his peers, but nobody recollected him. Perhaps, this is to the good?

“You has made everything. Further on play with your heart”. This message an American coach of Volodya sent to his student on the eve of “Roland Gaross” final. Exactly him recollected the Byelorussian, when, having played a set and a half, he decided that he had lost the match. It allowed distracting from the digits and drawing out a game which seemed to be hopeless. The parents also supported Volodya.

— I have spent more than 300 dollars for talks with my son! I asked Vova what he had done after the victory, and he laughed: “I fell on the back just on the court. Just as Nadal... Did I “rehearse” in vain yesterday?

Dmitry Komarov
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