Representative descent of the Belarusian delegation to a foggy Albion has got a topical aim: to represent investment possibilities of the country
Representative descent of the Belarusian delegation to a foggy Albion has got a topical aim: to represent investment possibilities of the country.

The symbol of the Royal Exchange became a huge dynamic sculpture “Source”, situated in the center of the tower on the square Paternoster. This is a glass pipe as high as several stores, inside of which the white balls are moving up and down. On these balls the names of the companies are written, taking part in the bidding. By the authors’ idea movement reflects stock market dynamics. Possibly, soon among the balls of this sculpture will appear those symbolizing Belarusian enterprises…
In November in London the Belarus Investment Forum will take place. Descent of the Belarusian delegation to England has rather a vital goal: presentation of investment possibilities of the republic, attraction of potential business-partners and investors, and also strengthening of a positive image of our country abroad. In other words, if a foreign investor is inactive in terms of work with Belarusian enterprises, then Belarusian business will come to him and declare his values.

The BIF organizers are the National Investment Agency interacting with the Minsitry of Economy and the Minsitry of Foreign Affairs, from the British party — “Eventica” company, and also the Embassy of Belarus to Great Britain. According to the event organizers, the forum will be started with a plenary meeting, within its frames the speech of the Belarusian prime-minister Sergey Sidorsky is planned, and also the heads of influential international organizations and foreign investors, who has already realized the most successful investment projects in Belarus. This is how a developed presentation of economic potential will be presented to eventual foreign partners. However, after the plenary meeting the work of thematic sections will begin, within their frames will be presented certain investment projects. It was defined that the work of the sections will have the following directions: “Banking and insurance”, “Investments into industry, petrochemical complex and power economy”, “Investments into agroindustrial complex, food and light industry”, “Regions, free economic zones, small and medium business of the Republic of Belarus — priority forms of attraction of foreign investmenst into economy”.

As for now, it is difficult to forecast, which certain results will be brought by the visit of the Belarusian delegation to London. But the fact that the London Stock Exchange is interested in attraction of Belarusian companies to its grounds, is true. According to LSE Director on CIS states John Edwards, the total volume of investments into Belarusian companies can reach “minimum several billion US Dollars”. In opinion of the specialist, the greatest potential in terms of IPO possess enterprises of oil-refining and petrochemical industry. Though Belarusian banks are considered as the most prepared to stock issue for its rotation on the stock exchange. In particular, “Belarusbank” has announced about its readiness to this step long ago. Besides, backbone Belarusian banks possess great experinece in the sphere of international cooperation, this is why it is not excluded that their bonds and shares will appear on the London fund ground.

Alexander Bukcheev
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