Business Elite

<img class="imgl" alt="" src="" />Business education is getting more and more popular in Belarus’ educational segment. Belarusian State University’s Business and Management of Technologies Institute and Norway’s MOLDE University have signed an agreement to implement a master’s degree program in logistics<br />
Logistics will become another course of the best-known educational establishment in the country that has for so long been considered the best place to train top level specialists that are ready and capable of solving complicated business tasks. Belarusian State University introduced several business courses a couple of years ago. One of them is BBA, launched in 2004, which trains managers on the basis of secondary education.

The most popular program is MBA (Master of Business Administration) that appeared almost 10 years ago and is distinguished by the “batch output” of Belarus’ intellectual elite. The program is available to specialists with higher education and at least a two-year experience. One of most recent pleasant tendencies is that state companies seem more involved in MBA programs in order to retrain their personnel. Also, there are four programs available both for graduates and senior students.

Since its foundation in 1996 the Institute has trained 726 specialists, of them 206 got MBA degrees, 212 took retraining courses and 308 passed advance training programs.

Most of the professors took courses abroad in the scope of joint international educational programs. Many lectures are delivered by foreign professors.

The Institute has many partners worldwide, including Management and Economy School of Vaxjo University, Sweden; Jonkoping Business School, Sweden; Colorado Economic School, the U.S.; Indiana Northwest University, the U.S.; International Institute of Management, India; and Molde Universtity College, Norway.

Among the alumni of Belarusian State University’s Business and Management of Technologies Institute are directors and top-managers of companies, talented managers and IT-specialists.
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