Bunches of festival journeys

Men can be very original surprising women
Men can be very original surprising women.

It was noted that Belarusian men become excited, mysterious and even enigmatic on the eve of the Women’s day which is traditionally celebrated in March. They are tantalizingly silent… They don’t say a word about preparatory moments with presents for women in their presence! It’s clear because according the unseen rules of this pre-holiday game, presents for colleagues, wives, sisters and girlfriends are to be prepared only by the celebration initiators. Of course, the best thing about any present is suddenness. Once a woman with a cultivated taste told me that an original present without a “shade of surprise” is unable to touch a woman’s heart.

What to present? The answer can be simple: flowers. Somebody may consider it commonplace… In my opinion, flowers are always appropriate in relations with our better halves. I recollect the times when flowers were difficult to find before the holidays. Men had to make sacrifices (for example, to queue in a flower shop in the early morning) to prove their respect and love to women by delicate tulips. Some amateurs even raised flowers at home willing to surprise their girlfriends.

Rational men predominantly present their wives with things useful in household (washing-machines, juice squeezers, kitchen units, vacuum cleaners, hairdryers etc.). As is well known, perfumery, clothes, bijou and books are traditional tried-and-true paths to success. Today men often try such creative ideas as an evening at a fireplace in Belovezhskaya puscha or a hot stove in the fishing house in the National Park “Braslav Lakes”… I know a poet who wanted to give his wife a “spring feeling of inspiration and flight.” He wanted to “soar over routine, to look at his native land with the eyes of birds which return home from warm countries.” His beloved muse had to overcome fear and sail up into the clouds with her husband. He hired a helicopter in Minsk flying club. A young programmer touched different feelings of his girl who collected glass items. The programmer presented an excursion to the well-known “Neman” plant. An acquaintance of mine often tells about a wonderful champagne bouquet which she and her husband tasted during the excursion to Minsk Champaign Factory.

Actually, one cannot embrace the boundless. Let’s concentrate on original collective presents. Male employees of the 14th dental hospital, one of the most recent in Minsk, traditionally organize them for their female colleagues.

“It goes back to our desire to give something unusual to the women (their number exceeds the number of men in three times) in the hospital,” recollects the head doctor Sergey Kulik, the team leader of “tour operators” of festival journeys. “Flowers, sweets, champagne… How to create a festive atmosphere? We organized a secret meeting and exchanged ideas. Among them there was a fantastic idea to organize a tour to Paris, Egypt or to the warm Red Sea for our women… Surely, it was beyond our means and we decided to play a game of a journey round the world…

At the fixed time stated a double-decker of the brand tour agency arrived to the hospital. Women were met with mimosas (spring flowers sold by the sellers from the sunny Crimea at the beginning of March in Belarus) and smiles of their colleagues in the disguise of stewards. They helped the women to take their seats “in accordance with the presented tickets.” During this jolly excursion along Minsk ringway the women were told and shown many interesting things about Minsk, stomatology, new discoveries in this spheres and famous travelers who traveled around the world by different means. They were also offered holiday food.

The women with the eyes full of tears still recollect that journey as one of the most memorable events in their lives. Next year they traveled to Minsk-2 airport and got useful presents from their male colleagues in the “three plus three” form. It means that there appeared new microwave ovens and electric kettles on three floors of the hospital.

Finally, the male fantasy has become so powerful this year that it has overcome the earth gravity. The scenario of the worked out game awaited the women who got used to surprises. This time men presented an air travel via Minsk–Moscow–Beijing–Tokyo–Minsk. After the men gave the air tickets to Boeing-747 which had to start off from the 14th CDH airport (CDH stands for the city dental hospital — author’s note), they asked women to prepare for the journey and bring passports for registration. Their luggage was “inspected” in a styled border checkpoint and “take-off airport lights” were imitated in the assembly hall which was specially darkened. There was the feeling of flight caused by the audiovisual means and well coordinated work of the “airliner team.” Five ninja-stewards worked in the cabin. Flying over different countries, the travelers had a possibility to have a bite, to quench thirst and plunge into exoticism of different countries. For example, to watch a round of comic Japanese sumo on the stage. As a memento of that fact the women were presented with exotic pomelo and picturesque photo calendars for a period from March 8, 2008 to February 23, 2009 with a motto “Close the range!” (I would like to remind that Belarusian women traditionally make presents for men by the occasion of February 23, the Defender of the Motherland Day).

Sergey Kulik is sure that such holidays help to enhance esprit de corps. People working together during the preparatory works, development of the holiday scenario (it reminds the screenplay) and rehearsals reveal unknown talents. “By the way, it’s a miraculous training for us, specialists working with people,” says Sergey Anatolievich. “I noted that it is easier for my colleagues, who actively participate in such a “business game,” to mend relations with the most exacting customers.”

These were the words of the director of the 14th City Dental Hospital in Minsk. On their basis we can suggest that the women not only of this collective will be surprised many times. Men will always find original ideas and means of their implementation. Where there is a will there is a way.

Ivan Zhdanovich
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