Building spring know-how

Around 300 companies from 12 countries of the world take part in Minsk’s International Specialised Stroyexpo. Spring 2013 Exhibition
Leading enterprises from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Israel, Poland and Estonia have presented their goods at the construction forum, joining major Belarusian manufacturers such as Brest’s Factory of Construction Materials, Gomeloboi, Lida Lakokraska and Smorgonsilikatobeton.

During the opening ceremony, the Director of the National BelExpo Exhibition Centre, Alexey Lazuko, noted that, this year, the number of foreign representatives from the construction industry attending the forum had almost doubled. Belarus’ Deputy Construction and Architecture Minister, Dmitry Semenkevich, emphasised that Stroyexpo is a key event for the domestic construction industry and that interest is ever growing. He stressed, “Such exhibitions are a good venue for establishing professional relations and for signing contracts, while familiarising consumers with the latest achievements in the sphere of construction. At present, new construction materials produced by Belarusian and joint enterprises are to the fore.”

Of course, energy efficient technologies are the latest global trend, so Belarusian industry has been following this path. “Since April, residential building design in Belarus has focused on energy saving elements,” Mr. Semenkevich added. “Attention is being paid towards industrial housing construction, particularly individual homes; the exhibition’s demonstration of goods and construction methods reflects those being used in the state programme of industrial and individual housing construction.”

Stroyexpo. Spring 2013 featured all elements related to construction and design, including interior finishing. On show were road and construction machinery, various equipment and, even, protective clothing for workers. The forum celebrated new trends in architecture, design and, of course, energy saving.
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