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Bringing plans closer

Belorusneft Association to co-operate with largest oil companies of Ecuador
Valery Sidorchik

Possible collaboration has been discussed at a recent visit to Gomel by delegations from the two largest players on the Ecuadorian oil market: Petroecuador and Petroamazonas. The former (a state enterprise) annually extracts over 14m tonnes of oil and controls the greatest share of the branch in the country. Extraction and export of hydrocarbons form the foundations of the nation’s economy.

During the visit, foreign specialists toured Belarusian oil processing plants and oil fields, looking at the technologies of seismology, drilling and processing. They also visited the laboratories of the Oil Research and Design Centre — run by BelNIPIneft Institute.

As of January 1st, 2012, oil reserves in Ecuador were estimated at 6.5bn barrels — 20th worldwide. Only Venezuela and Brazil boast more deposits in the region. In terms of extraction, the country is positioned 5th in South America (after Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Columbia). In comparison, Belarus’ oil deposits stand at around 200m barrels — 61st worldwide.
Specialists don’t exclude that our experience of work with Venezuela can be used in collaboration between Belorusneft and Ecuadorian oil companies.
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