Bright Melitina Stanyuta perfectly performs at the World Cup stage in Pesaro

Belarusian gymnast has entered the medals podium of FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Italy five times
By Igor Grishin

At first, Melita Stanyuta won the all-round event earning 70.516 points after four types of exercises. Two other places at the medals podium were occupied by Russian athletes — Maria Tirova (70.450) and Darya Svatkovskaya (70.050). Another representative of Belarus Yekaterina Galkina came fifth among 56 entrants earning 69.567 points. 

The leader of the Belarusian national team has also won three more gold medals in the finals of separate exercises. Melita was best in the exercises with the ball (17.783), with the clubs (17.967) and the ribbon (17.850).

Meanwhile, Stanyuta finished second in the exercise with the hoop (18,017), being outstripped by Russian Darya Svatkovskaya (18.033) who has also earned silver in the exercise with the clubs (17.933).

The Belarusian national team performed in group exercises at the World Cup in Pesaro in renewed line-up. Jointly with silver medalists of London Olympiad-2012 Alexandra Narkevich and Marina Goncharova, the tournament also featured four debutants — Anna Dudenkova, Valeria Pishchelina, Kristina Kostevich and Maria Kotyak. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Belarusian squad came only ninth in the double-event (3 balls and 2 ribbons; 10 clubs) among 13 squads earning 30.884 points. However, in the finals of the exercises with 3 balls and 2 ribbons the Belarusian girls have managed to claim bronze with 17.200 points.
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