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Mogilev’s Puppet Theatre presents Hamlet at JULA Festival in Munich

Bright image of modern Hamlet

By Olga Yemelyanova

Mogilev’s Puppet Theatre presents Hamlet at JULA Festival in Munich

Mogilev’s Regional Puppet Theatre has attended the JULA International Musical and Theatre Festival in Munich, presenting Hamlet, directed by Igor Kazakov. The tragicomedy won the Grand Prix at the 8th М International Youth Theatre Forum last year.

The show first premiered two years ago and was the first puppet performance of a tragedy by William Shakespeare by a Belarusian troupe. This year, it has been nominated for a National Theatre Award, with critics praising the performance for breaking stereotypes about the absence of experimental theatre in our country. This work has universal appeal, being emotionally powerful and exploring eternal themes of love, jealousy, ambition and revenge. It is a gift to all actors, and works surprisingly well with puppets. Mr. Kazakov’s direction gives us a very modern Hamlet, whose behaviour reflects that of modern audiences.

The JULA International Youth Musical and Theatre Festival has been held annually in Munich since 2004, starting as a one-day platform for modest theatre projects with Eastern European themes. However, it has progressed into a five-day event with a rich programme. The festival includes theatre master classes and musical concerts by popular Eastern European groups, as well as an international photo exhibition and a programme of shorts by young directors. JunOste.V. Union of Russian-Speaking German Youth and the German Youth in Europe non-governmental organisation organise the event.
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