Bright features of Vietnamese exotics and Vietnamese character

Days of Vietnamese Culture in the Republic of Belarus sees National Art Museum host Beauty of Vietnam photo exhibition, displaying more than 50 shots
Days of Vietnamese Culture in the Republic of Belarus sees National Art Museum host Beauty of Vietnam photo exhibition, displaying more than 50 shots.

At the Beauty of Vietnam exhibition at the National Art Museum of Belarus

Remote Vietnam is located thousands of kilometres from Belarus, in South East Asia, yet is becoming ever closer in many ways. Those who visit the Beauty of Vietnam photo exhibition at the National Art Museum are sure to feel greater personal connection as a result, viewing sites, traditions, culture and everyday life across this multi-faceted country.

Vietnam’s population is almost 10 times greater than that of Belarus, at 90 million people, and the exhibition shows us that their ethos is to be hard-working and hospitable.

The Beauty of Vietnam photo exhibition in Minsk is almost an invitation to visit Vietnam, with its rich cultural heritage, formed over millenniums, noted Vietnam’s Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, Huynh Vinh Ai, speaking at the event launch.

Undoubtedly, Vietnam is rich in natural landscapes and man-made monuments, many of which are listed by UNESCO for their value within world cultural and natural heritage. Among the best known is Ha Long Bay; drowning in sunbeams and open to the winds, its beauty is breath-taking. Chang’an natural and historical site is another major tourist draw, as are the old streets of the once bustling seaport of Hội An. There are photos of the world’s biggest cave, ancient feudal cities and picturesque bays.

Meanwhile, to see this beauty with their own eyes, Belarusians may decide to fly to Vietnam. Their stay will be visa-free for up to 15 days (as adopted by the Vietnamese Government from July 1st).

Belarus’ Deputy Culture Minister, Vasily Chernik, notes that the photos reveal the wonderful atmosphere of this country, with its rich history, and unique natural, architectural and cultural monuments. They also show how Vietnam is developing, drawing attention from countries worldwide. The exhibition in Minsk underlines the traditionally friendly relations and collaboration between Vietnamese and Belarusian peoples.

Mr. Chernik is confident that the Beauty of Vietnam exhibition, in particular, and the Days of Vietnamese Culture in Belarus, as a whole, will drive forward interaction between our two states. Last year, Vietnam hosted the Days of Belarusian Culture, adopting various programmes of cultural and information exchange. In particular, a co-operative programme was signed between the cultural departments of Belarus and Vietnam, forging ties between our cultural institutions.

Vasily Chernik, Belarus’ Deputy Culture Minister:

The Days of Vietnamese Culture in Belarus began with a most beautiful photo exhibition, entitled ‘Beauty of Vietnam’. Those who have already seen it have witnessed first hand the true beauty of this country, which boasts rich history, unique culture and hardworking people.

Do Van Mai, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the Republic of Belarus:

This exhibition has major importance for Belarusian audiences, allowing them to see how wonderful the country is and learn more about it. Friendship between Vietnam and Belarus began during Soviet times and continues today. In future, it will only strengthen, and not only in the political and economic spheres.

By Veniamin Mikheev
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