Brewing of highest quality

Belarusian beer industry enters global level regarding scale of production and quality in just a few years and is already actively exporting its beverages to foreign markets

By Vladimir Yakovlev

Minsk’s Krinitsa JSC has been long liaising with German beer industry leaders, producing a licensed beverage from their recipes. Krinitsa is surely acknowledged by the most famous global companies, since none would partner a firm which failed to ensure good quality. The Belarusian brewery’s beer fully meets the highest German standards, supervised by a qualified German brewer (employed by Krinitsa as Deputy General Director for Quality).

Germans much appreciate Krinitsa’s most popular ‘Krinitsa N1’ brew, which worthily rivalled others participating in a beer contest held in German Nuremberg, taking bronze as a result. No doubt, this recognition will strengthen the position of the Belarusian brand abroad.

“It’s vital that the company’s accumulated potential allows us to co-operate with the most famous brands in Europe and the USA,” admits Krinitsa JSC’s General Director, Grigory Petkevich, with satisfaction. “This not only strengthens our position on the market but also enriches our production with the latest technologies.”

Krinitsa is now an absolute leader among Belarusian breweries. Since 2002, dozens of millions of dollars have been invested into its production, enabling the company to enhance its production volumes and become the most powerful brewery in the country. In 2010 alone, it exported about 3.3m decalitres of beer (double 2009 figures) to earn an impressive $11m. Krinitsa beer is very popular in Russia, which purchases over 75 percent of all exports. Additionally, Lithuania (known for its beer traditions) and other Baltic States love Krinitsa’s beverages. Supplies to Ukraine are growing, while Kazakhstan has now received its first two deliveries. Armenia and, even, Vietnam drink Belarusian beer. China has been a successful trial market. Its huge market shall open to Krinitsa, once an economically profitable logistical chain is found. Krinitsa’s export supplies are to rise by 20 percent in 2011; production volumes are growing by almost the same figure — reaching 18m decalitres. Meanwhile, the company plans to occupy 32-33 percent of the country’s market in 2011.

The share of imported beer in Belarus could fall to just 5 percent, with our country especially proud that its beer is produced from natural ingredients, primarily of domestic production. A new branch has been created within agriculture, to grow malt barley, while our own malt-production enterprise has been set up. Europe faces a lack of this product, with prices rising, yet Belarus has no such problems. Krinitsa has launched a joint venture to grow hops, in the Brest region. It boasts one of nine specialised combines operational in Europe, ensuring mechanisation of the labour-intensive process. In future, our country may be able to stop importing malt altogether, even launching exports of these vital brewing ingredients.

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