‘Breath of centuries’ found on book pages

Edition describing historical and spiritual legacy of Bykhov town and district, in the Mogilev Region, becomes unique gift at Day of Belarusian Written Language
By Sergey Smirnov

Bykhov District. Breath of Centuries, an illustrated edition, has been presented at the recent Day of Belarusian Written Language, hosted by Bykhov. The edition reveals the twists and turns of Fate in this unique region of Belarus, looking at centuries of peasant revolts, rebellions and bloodshed in the Bykhov District.

In the foreword of the book, the Chairman of the Bykhov District Executive Committee, Dmitry Koleev, notes: ‘You will feel the breath of history and modernity of our River Dnieper area on the pages of this landmark edition while gaining familiarity with its respected people. The long-suffering Bykhov District boasts rich history, having faced numerous wars, which destroyed the town and the district, and killed local people, who courageously defended their lands. Nevertheless, Orthodox, Judaic and Catholic churches have always peacefully co-existed here. Many of these are being reconstructed and new ones are being built. Our poetic, melodious and colourful district is known for its literary men, artistes and scientists, who’ve made and continue to contribute to the development of domestic culture and education. Moreover, the Bykhov District is a fabulous location of beautiful rivers and lakes, fantastic oak woods and boulders…’

The beauties of the Bykhov District can be seen on the pages of the edition, which is richly illustrated with photographs, thanks to financial assistance from the Information Ministry of Belarus. We can view ancient monuments, as well as the Bykhov District’s virgin landscapes and its welcoming residents.

Famous journalist Vladimir Botskalevich compiled the book and wrote most of its text: single lines where each word is chosen carefully. Prominent Belarusian photographer Anatoly Kleshchuk provided the pictures, while a leading technical editor from our newspaper, Georgy Shablyuk, worked on its layout and formatting.

As hundreds of guests from around the world attended the Day of Belarusian Written Language, this corner of the River Dnieper area is now known far beyond the borders of Belarus, including via this landmark edition: Bykhov District. Breath of Centuries.
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