Breath of ancient city

Exhibition of photo master Mikhail Zakashansky held in exhibition hall of the Ethnography Museum of Mogilev
By Andrey Fiodorov

The Golden City exhibition is a story about the city of Jerusalem, where times, people and beliefs mixed. The exhibition was very warm. According to art historian, Rabiga Karaulova, all visitors to the photo exhibition could feel the real breath of the ancient city. “All this is because the project is professionally arranged. General views are alternated with close-up views, as well as static and dynamic compositions, colour, light and shade. Style combines actuality and figurativeness. In the photos, everything is truth, all is the author’s story,” said Ms. Karaulova.

The photos are united by the loving glance of the author at this assorted life, which contains much young drive and wise rest. All the works are penetrated by ‘Ars vitae’ — art to live — here and now, grieving and rejoicing. They have an aura of vitality and positivity about them, which helps us to understand the main thing in this country, its people and culture.

According to the photo artist, he learned how to use a camera in the Mogilev House of Pioneers. “Even today, I try to master and keep up with technical progress which tries to quickly run away from me. This progress, by its incomprehensibility, tries to cast despondency over me, but nevertheless I am still an optimist. I photograph, photograph and photograph,” said Mikhail Zakashansky.

The photo artist was born in 1949 in Kamchatka. He finished school in Mogilev and then graduated from the Belarusian State Theatre and Art Institute. Then he was teaching in the Yaroslavl Theatre College. After that he worked as a director. Now the photo artist lives in Vilnius and makes photography his business.
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