Branch launches new assembly line

First Belkommunmash trolley bus assembled in Russian Kursk

By Eduard Pimenov

Belarusian vehicles are being assembled in line with an agreement on trade-economic, sci-tech and cultural co-operation, signed between the Belarusian Government and the Administration of the Kursk Region. A corresponding contract was signed in 2010, between Belkommunmash and Kurskenergotrans enterprise, to develop the agreement.

The Belarusian trolley bus assembly line is being launched at Kurskenergotrans’ trolley bus depot, with Belkommunmash supplying vehicle sets to Kursk. There, they are to be assembled, with several Russian-made components added. This year, around 40 Belarusian trolley buses should be assembled in Kursk, with vehicles then sold to other Russian cities.

At present, Belarusian trolley buses are seen on the streets of almost 50 CIS and non-CIS regions, with Minsk trolley buses operational throughout Russia: from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Belkommunmash’s urban electric transport also enjoys popularity in Ukraine, Mongolia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Moldova and Bulgaria.

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