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Books definitely open up the world

Libraries Week hosted by Novopolotsk

Libraries Week hosted by Novopolotsk

The event is hosted by the so-called ‘oil city’; local residents can not only mine oil but show their love of books. Novopolotsk’s libraries have prepared and organised numerous festive celebrations for the week. The first of these was hosted by the S. Marshak Children’s Library. In addition, staff of the V. Korotkevich Library invited pre-school children to re-enact a fairy-tale. The event entitled ‘Open up the World with Books’ involved book swapping and the distribution of leaflets devoted to reading, books and libraries.

The S. Marshak Library, in turn, is summing up the results of its ‘Reading Island’ and ‘Sunny Field of Summer’ reading competitions, with the best readers among the children chosen from the library’s summer visitors. The V. Mayakovsky Central Library has invited them to its book boulevard, with a free book fair and Poetic Window exhibition.

The Libraries Week ends with senior schoolchildren meeting writers from the Polotskaya Vetv (Polotsk’s Branch) Association, hosted by the S. Marshak Library.

By Alexey Fedotov
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