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Many try to predict the results of some Ice Hockey World Championship matches and even foresee the winner

Bookmakers place bets on hockey favourites

Many try to predict the results of some Ice Hockey World Championship matches and even foresee the winner
By Alexander Fiodorov

Many try to predict the results of some Ice Hockey World Championship matches and even foresee the winner

Betting shops are gaining an increasing popularity these days, and Svetlana Basko, from Pari-Match specialised office, tells us of the most popular stakes and most interesting matches.

Swedish national team — one of the tournament’s favourites

Is the popularity of hockey rising among betting shops’ players now?

We actually prioritise five sports which always enjoy popularity among our clients: football, volleyball, basketball, tennis and, of course, ice hockey. The latter is our national sport and at present, bets on the IIHF World Championship winners are very popular and we are already providing odds for all the separate matches.

Who are the leading four?

These are Sweden, Russia, Canada and Finland but everything can change. Strangely, the US team has failed to join the list of favourites this year.

Is it possible to learn what matches are the most popular amongst fans based on the quantity of bets?

Definitely, these are the semi-final and final matches. After the group stage finishes, fans gain their own understanding of the participating teams and their manner of playing. An overall picture of the tournament becomes clear and it’s then possible to predict what results a certain team would demonstrate.

A theory exists stating that the forecast of a single person has few chances to be correct but the likelihood ratio increases if a public poll takes place. You analyse clients’ preferences’ as well, while calculating special odds?

Bookmakers’ odds reflect the possibility of the game’s result. In addition, they make it possible to calculate a probable win of stake. At the moment, the odds of Sweden’s win is set at 3.55 and Finland’s — 4.45. This indicates that, according to bookmakers’ belief, Sweden has a greater chance to win.

What are the highest and lowest stakes?

The margin is huge: the lowest stake possible is Br10,000 and the highest can be several million Roubles. Some of our clients view sporting stakes as an amusement while others as a habit. On returning home from the office (knowing that a hockey match is being played this evening, for example), they come to our shop to bet on their favourites. They also say that it’s much more interesting to watch the match when you have such an interest on the outcome. Moreover, this is a way of making money. Not long ago, a player won Br150m in an express stake (made on 15 different events).

Who are your clients?

These are mostly men, as they traditionally follow sport more actively. However, women also come, and account for around 5 percent of all players. Some place bets on a single sport or team and others concentrate on different sports simultaneously. Some clients make bets before a match and others prefer live bets (‘in-game’ bets made during a game). Accordingly, it’s hard to characterise a typical player — each one has their own strategy.
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