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Book always returns to its motherland

Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz’s Historical Journeys, originally published in St. Petersburg in 1859, is first original exhibit at Niemcewicz’s Estate
“I found the book online, through a collector; Brest District Executive Committee helped to purchase the edition,” explained the Director of the Museum, Sergey Semenyuk, speaking to those at the first Meeting the Niemcewiczs scientific and practical conference. The event was hosted at the restored Niemcewicz palace, in the village of Skoki (Brest District). Its hall saw a truce signed in December 1917 to end the WWI and the preparation of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.

“Each year, there will be three events: in May — a scientific conference; in December, events to mark the signing of the armistice; and, in February, Ursyn evenings, devoted to the birthday of Julian,” Mr. Semenyuk promises.

Ten years ago, in May 2002, the descendants of the Niemcewiczs — from Poland, France and Canada — attended a conference at Brest Regional Library and were taken to Skoki, to see the ruined palace. It has now been utterly restored. This year, it’s planned to complete the restoration of two halls and to open a Museum of Pribuzhie there, as well as an armoury — all paid for from regional budgetary funds.
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