Blocks of shares on sale to investors

Investors keen to privatise Grodno Azot and MTS

By Vladimir Yevseev

Investors keen to privatise Grodno Azot and MTS

Potential investors take interest in privatising Grodno Azot and the Mobile Tele Systems Joint Limited Liability Company. Previously, the State Property Committee announced a tender to find an investor to take part in the privatisation of shares of Grodno Azot JSC which belong to the state.


Gas-turbine power plant at Grodno Azot JSC

These include 25 percent of shares plus 1 share in the enterprise’s statutory fund. The starting price begins at $414m, which was determined taking into account direct supplies of natural gas from the main pipeline of Gazprom Transgas Belarus to Grodno Azot JSC.

As far as the sale of shares in MTS JLLC is concerned, work in this direction is being also conducted, according to the representative of the State Property Committee. The condition for selling MTS’ shares was the requirement to preserve a percentage of mobile telecommunication coverage of Belarusian territory not lower than the level fixed in the state statistical accounting over the last accounting business period (proceeding to the signing of the purchase/sale agreement of the company’s shares).

It was reported in December that the initial price of MTS JLLC (51 percent) would be $863m. The bid welcomed both residents and non-residents of Belarus. Previously, the initial price of the state stock of shares of the Belarusian mobile operator MTS stood at $1bn and has been offered at auction several times since 2011 but wasn’t sold.
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