Bison unafraid of fire

River Don sees unusual races on Belarusian tractors 
The Rostov Region has hosted the 11th Bison-Track-Show tractor races, gathering 33 drivers from Russia and the CIS — including a woman — Olga Stebikhova — for the first time.

The route was full of spring-boards, steep corners and hills, as well as tricky high-speed places. Paired ring races gave the show more drama, with some vehicles overturned or making dangerous skids; on the high-speed runs, tractors reached 70km per hour. 

Belarusian MTZ-80 and MTZ-82, alongside ‘Belarus’-826, 892, 920 and 952 tractors took part, with three ‘Belarus’ tractors offered among the many prizes.

Thirty thousand spectators gathered along the ‘Don 25’ to enjoy the show, with more than a hundred from the USA, France, Spain, Holland and Brazil. None were disappointed. Additional fun was provided with contests for those watching between the laps.

During breaks between laps, various contests were organised for guests, including ‘Car Races for Survival’ and a record breaking result for ‘Rubber Tractor’: 16 people squeezed into the cab of an MTZ and into a big-eared ‘Zaporozhets’.

Olga Stebikhova, from the Pskov Region, was a novelty at the race, being the first woman to take part to date. Her tractor was decorated with rushes and a nice cap but she faced the same challenges and had the audience on her side.

The ultimate winners were from the Rostov Region: Anatoly Bobrovsky, 32, from Kirov Stud Farm in the Tselinsky District took first place. This was his ninth show and fourth victory. Second place went to Roman Struk from Sovetinsky Collective Farm, in the Neklinovsky District. Third place was taken by experienced ‘showman’ Ali Akhmetov, enjoying his eleventh competition and third prize to date, from Lenin Collective Farm, in the Veselovsky District. The three took home a modern tractor from Belarus. Naturally, the event promotes Belarusian tractors and encourages future sales.
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