Belarus to increase potassium fertilizers transportation via Klaipeda port
Transshipment volume of Belarusian potassium fertilizers via port of Klaipeda will increase to 2 million tons a year, as we were informed by Vidmantas Verbitskas, counsel of Lithuania Embassy to Belarus.

As the bilateral trade and economy commission directed, the parties held an experiment on increasing transshipment of potassium fertilizers through Klaipeda port. The Lithuanian diplomat stated: “The experiment took two months; within this period 300 thousand tons of potassium fertilizers were transferred and first cargo ship of “Panamax” type was loaded with 62 thousand tons. Both parties view this experiment as successful and study the opportunities to increase transshipment via the port of Klaipeda. We plan to reach 2m tons of potassium fertilizers a year; previously Klaipeda processed 1.3–1.5m tons of potassium fertilizers.”

Vidmantas Verbitskas also stated that bilateral Belarus–Lithuania investments have today reached the $15–17m “in both directions”. He mentioned Belarusian project on MAZ trucks assembly works in Vilnius among the most prominent joint projects. “As for Lithuanian investments, we expect a large-scale project of Lithuanian businessman Romanov who obtained permission to build a sport, entertainment and business complex in Minsk,” — Vidmantas Verbitskas continued. According to my interviewee, Lithuanian businessmen make additional significant investments into textile enterprises in free economy zone of Grodno.
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