Bicycle wheel to generate power

Best ecological projects by Belarusian schoolchildren sent to international forum in Norway

By Tatiana Lobas

The Republican Energy and Environment ecological contest, held under the motto ‘Let’s Preserve the Climate and Begin with Simple Energy Solutions’, brought together pupils under the age of 17, with almost 600 creative pieces submitted.
First place in the ‘Propaganda of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving’ nomination was won by Marina Susla, 14, from Mogilev, whose video tells the story of a small girl dreaming of becoming an independent business woman, yet failing to save energy. Fortunately, she realises the error of her ways and learns to be more careful.

Vera Porvatova of Borisov won the ‘Theoretical Works’ category with her work, dedicated to repeated waterlogging of peatlands. Arseny Tishchenko of Vitebsk, offering economic routes in Vitebsk, came second in the same nomination. The gymnasium pupil’s idea will enable Vitebsk drivers to save time while significantly reducing the kilometres travelled through the city. This may considerably ease traffic congestion in the city.

Konstantin Vishnevsky and Yevgeny Gribanovoy were awarded first place in the ‘Practical Experience of Energy Saving at School and at Home’ nomination. They propose a hydro-wheel made from an ordinary bicycle wheel, which can be used where traditional power supplies are unavailable — such as while hiking. By sinking the front wheel into water, enough power can be generated to charge a camera, mobile phone or tape recorder.

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