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Bestowing well-deserved awards

Peace in our country, the prosperity of families, and confidence in the future are the core values for modern Belarusians
Peace in our country, the prosperity of families, and confidence in the future are the core values for modern Belarusians — as noted by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the state awards ceremony to recognise the country’s most important personalities

During the awards ceremony

“Today, we honour those who protect the borders of the Homeland, take care of people’s health and make a great contribution to the economic security of the state,” Mr. Lukashenko remarked.

The ceremony was attended by directors and workers of various enterprises. Among them were Volotavto JSC, the High-Precision Electromechanics Plant, the Minsk Wheeled Tractor Plant, AGAT — Control Systems JSC. These companies stand out for implementing their own developments and developing new branches. The President reminded the audience that, since Soviet times, the achievements of Belarusian engineers have been well known and appreciated all over the world. “It is good that the traditions of our outstanding scientists are developing,” he noted.

State awards were also conferred on a large group of military personnel. “From year to year, you have been bolstering the defence capacity of our Homeland, defending its security and territorial integrity, maintaining peace and stability in Belarus,” Mr. Lukashenko said, adding that the workers of Mogilevenergo have also done a great deal to mitigate the consequences of the Daniella cyclone in extreme conditions. Having demonstrated high professionalism and teamwork, they quickly restored electricity supply in affected territories and at industrial facilities. The Head of State also presented awards to builders of Minsk’s specialised department #217 who built cultural and social infrastructure facilities in Minsk and the surrounding region.

Mr Lukashenko also praised Belarusian healthcare workers for their great professionalism. According to him, they work wonders with cutting-edge medical instruments. The President honoured the achievements of Belarusian scientists from the National Academy of Sciences.

Addressing the recipients, the President spoke about the enhancement of the country’s defence capacity. “The main priority is to protect our country. We want our children to live in peace in this relatively small country and to remain as peaceful as it is now. This is the main area of focus for us and it would be beneficial to increase our wealth, but that depends not only on the state but on all of us,” he stressed, adding, “Let’s live in peace and work hard. If someone wants to create something unique, we will provide assistance. If someone wants to simply plough the field and harvest grain, we will help. If someone wants to work in a team, there are all the necessary conditions for them to succeed.”

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