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Best final accord of student years

National Ball for University Graduates gathers bright and talented youngsters from universities countrywide, welcomed, as is traditional, by the President
The President said that it’s symbolic that the graduates begin their professional careers as specialists in the first year of a new five-year plan, for which the country has high expectations. Alexander Lukashenko stressed that the state relies on young people, stating, “Youth policy is one of the key priorities for the 2016-2020 socio-economic programme for the country’s development, as recently adopted.”

At the Ball of Graduates

According to Mr. Lukashenko, the fate of the youth isn’t indifferent to the state and it does everything it should do; in particular, it provides the first job in line with the speciality. “Not each state is able to do this. We have also had recently serious debates regarding what should be done with this taking into account that we’ve found ourselves into a zone of serious turbulence in economy,” asserted the President. “There were proposals to reject this, enabling youngsters who graduate from universities to independently determine in life. I’m categorically against it. We’ve preserved for all of you an opportunity for employment while the rest depends on you.”

The graduates now have a very important stage of professional development ahead of them. It will be a test of what they have learned and how they will use their knowledge in practice. “From now on, it will be not grades in your students’ record books that will determine your success but your labour achievements,” noted the Belarusian Head of State.

Nadezhda Mirgolovskaya

The President also paid attention of the graduates that by receiving higher education they have made their first step into difficult life. “The time that we’re living in now is difficult because, as we often say, a new repartition of the world has begun. The new world order is setting in,” explained Mr. Lukashenko. “New states are seeking to take leading positions and places under the sun while these places have already been taken. Hence are local conflicts. The main thing today is to save the country, save the world from a global war.” The President assured that the state will continue to pay special attention to defence and security issues. “With peace in the country, we’ll be able solve all our problems and achieve those goals that we have set,” underlined the Head of State.

During the National Ball of University Graduates, Mr. Lukashenko also presented state awards to professors and rectors of some Belarusian higher educational establishments, in recognition of their many years of fruitful work, major professional achievements, and considerable personal contribution to training our highly qualified specialists. Some professors and students also received official letters of thanks.

By Alexander Pimenov
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