Best at water acrobatics

New water skiing world record for Belarusian Alexey Zhernosek approved by judges

Alexey demonstrated his ultimate programme back on April 30th, 2011 at a US tournament, breaking the previous world record of multi world champion Nicolas Le Forestier of France, by 170 points. The Frenchman’s record had lasted five years.

However, in water skiing, it’s never enough to simply earn a record sum of points; the sum must be recognised by a panel of judges who assess video footage of the programme. The impartial committee failed to find fault in Zhernosek’s figures, with his result of 12,570 points recognised as a new world record. Curiously, in May, at another tournament, Zhernosek managed to again exceed Le Forestier’s previous record, earning 12,420 points. He has truly shown himself to be a ‘trendsetter’ in water acrobatics.

The top world records in water skiing belong to Belarusian athletes, with Natalia Berdnikova setting a record of 9,690 points for women.

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