Benevolence gains concrete features

Director of National History Museum, Sergey Vecher, says the creation of a modern site for his museum will be the first co-operative project with Japan Tobacco International

The announcement was made in Minsk after the signing of an agreement on bilateral strategic partnership. Mr. Vecher does not exclude the possibility of liaising with the museum’s new partner in organising public events — such as Night of Museums. In addition, exhibition projects requiring special display equipment are likely to be funded. Mr. Vecher notes that the museum has rich experience in showcasing other nations’ cultures, having previously organised exhibitions featuring artefacts from foreign museums, with the support of diplomatic missions accredited in Belarus. “However, large projects of the kind require a great deal of money and help from patrons,” he adds.

According to Mr. Vecher, the museum is always in need of funds for its publishing projects. The most important new edition being planned is a high quality album entitled National History Museum of Belarus, which details the history and major treasures of this cultural establishment. It could be ready within two years’ time, with support from JTI.

Mr. Vecher stresses that many metal, wooden and fabric exhibits require restoration, in order to be showcased in future. Among those in great need of repair is a unique shoemakers’ banner and that from an 18th century religious association. According to Mr. Vecher, this project would be unlikely to be realised without a strategic partner.

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