Bells ring as a reminder

Meeting dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Khatyn tragedy held

In the State Memorial Complex «Khatyn» a meeting-requiem dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the tragedy of the village was held

In this holy place for every Belarusian people from all over the country, and foreign guests, representatives of Belarusian villages, which suffered the same fate Khatyn, gathered.

People bow their heads low in memory of the common people, who many years ago suffered a martyr`s death there. The meeting was very solemn. Wreaths from the head of the country, the government, the National Assembly, the diplomatic corps, from public organizations and the clergy were laid to the Eternal Flame, to the monument for the Unconquered Man. Many heartfelt words were said. It is noteworthy that people of different ages, different professions and from different countries said that everyone should know and remember the events of those days in order to keep the peace and to prevent war. This idea was a leitmotif of the text address, which sent to the inhabitants of the country President Alexander Lukashenko. Chief of Administration of President Andrei Kobyakov read it. The appeal, in particular, stated that 70 years – this is just a moment for the history. However, some people in the world have forgotten the lessons of the war. And now they are trying to interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states, using political, economic, informational blackmail, military force against citizens. «Belarus, which more than once is survived in the hell of war, calls to unite the efforts of all people of good will in the fight against violence and terror, for peace, for the right of every people to go their own way and choose their own destiny. In the day of mourning and grief we vow to stand on guard of our independence, to retain stability, prosperity and peace in the Belarusian land», – said by the appeal.

Chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Boris Batura said that the whole world knows, what horrible genocide was subjected to the Belarusian people during the Nazi occupation. Victory in the Great Patriotic War was made possible only by the unity of the fraternal peoples. And today, our strength is in unity. He called all to strengthen this community and to keeping of the historical memory.

It is also noteworthy that in this memorable day were not only sincere words, were the prayers that were offered up to heaven for those who have died, for those who live, for peace and tranquility in the world.

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