Bell ringing spreads through neighbourhood

Yulia Minchenko involved in bell ringing at the Holy Intercession Cathedral for seven years

By Svetlana Vedeneeva

She first ascended the bell tower fifteen years ago, as a pupil of Polotsk’s St. Yevfrosiniya Convent Sunday School. Being keen to learn the art of bell ringing, she was among the first pupils to be taught by the Head of Minsk’s School of Bell Ringers — Alexander Malinovsky.

Yulia has worked as a professional bell ringer in Russia and later moved to Grodno, entering Grodno State University’s Art Studies Department. She has no problem dealing with the twelve late 19th-early 20th century bells, whose total weight reaches almost three tonnes (the largest weighs 1,600kg). She also teaches bell ringing herself at the Cathedral. “Over my three years of work, I’ve trained around 20 bell ringers — all religious people. Our job requires physical strength, like training for a sport,” she explains.

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