BelAZ service reaches Serbia

Post-sales service of heavy-duty machinery provided by Premar Services AG — the official dealer of the Belarusian company — as well as by BelAZ technical specialists
When new models of BelAZ heavy-duty dump trucks are supplied to Serbian pits, they are accompanied by specialists able to train local staff. “The technical service office won’t allow a single vehicle to be dispatched without giving this attention to buyers; we are constantly improving our service, raising the reliability of vehicles through technical maintenance during warranty and post-warranty periods,” notes BelAZ.

At present, Serbia is using BelAZ heavy-duty dump trucks with a total payload of 45 to 220 tonnes at its coal and copper quarries. Over the past decade, BelAZ has supplied 30 heavy-duty dump trucks to Serbia and over 70 special-purpose vehicles to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Export expansion has been greatly promoted by the restoration and development of extracting industries, following an initial drop in industrial production in these countries in the 1990s.

By offering excellent warranty and post-warranty maintenance of its machinery, BelAZ is ensuring its competitiveness. In 2012, the enterprise sold its vehicles to over 30 countries worldwide — including to such European states as Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland and the Czech Republic.
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