BelAZ ready to offer stock exchange capitalisation

World’s largest producer of quarry trucks ready to join international capital markets

Deutsche Bank is to organise BelAZ’s IPO debut, explains the Chairman of the Board, Joerg Bongartz. He notes that the bank is part of the working group on BelAZ’s IPO preparations. “Jointly with our partners, other companies and, in particular, representatives of the German exchange, we have discussed the steps necessary to prepare for this deal,” he explains, stressing that preparing for the IPO takes a long time — at least a year. “BelAZ is only starting on this now so it’s too early to speak of price parameters. However, I can say that the working group is actively dealing with this issue,” the official adds.

Belarus’ Deputy Economy Minister, Dmitry Golukhov, notes, “We have prospects to pass the path on a good professional level. Enterprises’ joining of the IPO must be carried out within the framework of a single country strategy. The initiative should be promoted both at top level and from the bottom — from enterprises themselves. Taking into consideration the current state of the Belarusian and international markets, I can say that these issues are to be solved quite quickly, in the coming year or two. However, each time, an individual, well-considered decision should be made.”

Not long ago, Minsk hosted the Belarusian Summit of Capital Markets, aimed at informing companies of various ways of attracting resources for development, including how to conduct the IPO and place bonds on international markets. Representatives of Deutsche Bank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange, International Consulting-Auditing Network PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sberbank of Russia and other global companies attended.

“We’re trying to create an environment whereby companies can gain better understanding of how international capital markets work, how to take advantage of the latest technologies and how to attract capital,” Mr. Golukhov emphasises. The Government’s work regarding the formation of a favourable business climate for foreign investors is yielding fruit, developing quickly to meet the needs of a modern economy. Enterprises now need to show initiative. Mr. Golukhov stresses that banks and international financial institutions should play an important role in this process.

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