Belavia increases number of flights

National Airline shifts to summer schedule until late October

By Marina Nosova

“Previously, each new season has been accompanied by a new timetable. Now, our shift from the summer to winter schedule envisages the introduction of new flights and seasonal routes, increasing the frequency of flights and their number of destinations,” explains the company’s Marketing Department. This season, more flights will cover routes to Paris, Tel Aviv, Tehran, Larnaca, Ashgabat and Baku.

More flights to London are planned — as the Olympics are coming. Belavia is to carry Belarus’ Olympic and Paralympic teams. Meanwhile, seasonal flights to Manchester will begin again.

“Opening a new season, we aim to primarily cater for the wishes of our passengers, choosing routes accordingly. We’re eager to offer clients the most convenient routes for their holidays — without long waiting times for plane changes,” emphasises Belavia’s General Director, Anatoly Gusarov.

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