Belarusians constructing metro line in Moscow

Belarus among Moscow’s top five economic partners, with mutual goods turnover increasing by 5 percent last year, to reach almost $5.2m
By Irina Smirnova

Our two countries aim to further strengthen foreign economic relations, including raising volumes of mutual trade, and developing co-operation in all directions. The Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus, Anatoly Kalinin, has told a Moscow governmental delegation, gathered in Minsk, “It’s important not to slow down rates of trade and economic interaction, and to support positive dynamics in mutual trade.”

Last year, Belarus increased its exports to Moscow of dairy products, meat and baked products, as well as light industry goods. Contracts have been signed to deliver trolley buses and suburban electric trains, with Belkommunmash sending 150 trolley buses to Moscow this year.

Further expansion of ties is being discussed regarding the provision of housing and communal services, development of trade and economic relations, and liaisons in the scientific and technical, humanitarian-cultural and social spheres. The Belarusian regions and capital are working with Moscow’s administrative divisions, and Belarus is submitting a tender to develop transport infrastructure in the Russian capital.

Minister Sergey Cheremin, who heads Moscow’s Department for External Economic and International Relations, tells us, “Minskmetrostroy won a tender to participate in building the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya Moscow metro line and Borovskoye Shosse station. It’s an important project.”

Mr. Kalinin mentions that a recent session of a working group co-ordinating interaction looked at the possibility of erecting a Belarusian quarter in Moscow’s suburbs. “We’re working on this, seeking to offer a modern town-planning project to satisfy in terms of price, quality and speed of building.” Our chambers of commerce and industry are to consider creating a council of young entrepreneurs for Minsk, Moscow and Astana.
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