Belarusian textile industry to sew Russian police branded uniforms

Mogotex JSC’s factory, in Mogilev, to produce police uniforms for Russia
This year, the company is set to supply at least 20,000 branded uniforms, catering for almost every subdivision of the Russian Interior Ministry. Fabric especially designed by Mogotex specialists is being used.

Company Director Victor Matievich notes that it has taken around two years to complete the design of around fifty uniforms, with testing conducted for comfort and protection against bad weather. Seven fabrics have been chosen for winter and demi-season uniforms for the Russian police.

As Mr. Matievich explains, these new fabrics are far stronger and lighter than previous versions, keeping out the cold, wind and snow. Moreover, specially inserted membranes ensure that clothes remain ‘breathable’ to avoid the discomfort of overheating when the weather warms. The advanced technologies used, including changeable inner layers, which offer extra warmth inside, are sure to prove a hit with the Russian police, leading to future orders.

Mr. Matievich adds that Mogotex is able to offer a wide range of clothes tailored to extreme conditions — even the Arctic! He explains, “Russia is now mastering the Arctic, and we are participating, making outfits for border and coast guards, as well as for oil and gas workers. Their uniforms have much in common with those worn by the military, using fabrics effective against the cold. Of course, we also tailor designs to suit their wearer, such as adding buoyancy aids to coast guards’ uniforms. At present, we’re producing clothes for Russia’s Customs Committee.”

Each time I visit the Mogilev factory, I always regret that similar work and service style uniforms aren’t available in the shops, since their quality would make them perfect for everyday outdoor activities — such as clearing snow. In fact, the company is planning a ‘daily’ range in the near future — using the same technologies and fabrics.

Mogotex is the only Belarusian textile company to be a member of the Russian Association of Manufacturers of Protective Goods. The Mogilev factory also won an honourable diploma at the 2012 Labour Security and Protection exhibition, held in Moscow.
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