Belarusian ladies conquering the world with their amazing beauty

The global fashion industry is again captured by Belarusian beauty, thanks to our Svetlana Kuznetsova winning the Mrs. Universe-2013 pageant — hosted by Aruba, in the Caribbean
By Yuliana Leonovich

The pageant is among the top five most prestigious worldwide, enjoying the same status as Ms. Universe: the single difference is that all participating ladies must be married. While fiery Latin American beauties have long been in favour, our Slavonic princesses also have universal appeal, as Mrs. Kuznetsova’s prestigious award confirms.

Svetlana’s maiden name — Kruk — is well known to those interested in the Belarusian modelling business, as the brunette won the first national contest — Miss Belarus-1998 — before becoming a finalist in Miss Europe-1999. She took part in Miss World-2000 and, in 2012, became Mrs. Beauty Millennium International. The All-Russian Teacher of the Year-2010 contest placed Svetlana among the top ten Moscow teachers and she was awarded a government medal for her contribution to Russian education.

Mrs. Kuznetsova graduated from two higher educational establishments: Grodno State University (Mathematics Department) and Russia’s Supreme School of Economics. She now lectures in mathematics at a Moscow school and liaises with the UN Population Fund in Belarus, dealing with domestic violence and gender equality. Speaking of her participation in Mrs. Universe-2013, Svetlana notes, “I’m pleased to show Belarusian women’s strength and independence, by my personal example.”

Interestingly, this year’s contest saw two winners: one chosen by an expert jury (who voted for Svetlana) and the other by public vote (Mrs. Malaysia).

After the finals, Mrs. Kuznetsova wrote on her Facebook page: ‘Friends! Malaysia and Belarus have received major crowns! Puerto-Rico, Canada, the USA and Columbia are among the top four! Hurray!’
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