Belarusbank cards useful for Internet payments

Belarusbank has finished certifying its 3D-Secure technology with the Visa and MasterCard payment systems

Accordingly, it won’t be long before Belarusbank cards will be ready for making online payments in Belarus and abroad — as long as no restrictions are in place regarding the operation of the card itself.

“3D-Secure technology is the most contemporary way to ensure security of payments when using bank cards on the Internet. It enables clients to feel confident that funds in their accounts won’t disappear,” explains Anatoly Bogovik, Director of Belarusbank’s Plastic Card Processing Centre.

Moreover, Belarusbank allows trade and service enterprises to accept online payment; it has already concluded 46 such agreements.

Belarusbank began issuing plastic cards in 1994 and, by 2001, had become a fully-fledged member of the Visa and MasterCard international payment systems, as well as the BelCard national payment system. Today, Belarusbank leads the domestic market for plastic cards in Belarus, accounting for over half of all cards issued: as of October 1st, these numbered 4,900,000.

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