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Belarus — now and then: giving birth to great personalities

President meets Alexander Prokhanov — a famous writer, publicist and Editor-in-Chief of the Russian Zavtra (Tomorrow) newspaper

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Lukashenko presented the journalist with a book by Vladimir Likhodedov: Adam Mickiewicz on Postcards of the Late 19th-Early 20th Century. “I’ve noticed that you are most focused on Russian culture and everything connected with Russia. I’d love to show that Belarus — now and then — has given birth to many great personalities. Adam Mickiewicz is one such, although people still argue about his origin: some say he is a Pole, others that he is Lithuanian or Belarusian. He was born near Novogrudok and has always valued his home, doing much to support it. I know that you are very familiar with his works,” the President noted. “After all, the things that you — poets, publicists and researchers — do are absolutely international,” he added.

“I’d call him a Eurasian poet; a new Eurasian concept is needed for this kind of genius,” Alexander Prokhanov smiled.
During the meeting, the parties talked about modern history, integration within the post-Soviet space and Belarus-Russia relations.

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