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Belarus’ investment climate presented in London

World leading publication — fDi Magazine — issues special edition dedicated to Belarus’ investment opportunities

fDi Magazine’s Belarus Beckons: Europe’s Final FDI Frontier Opens Up supplement — devoted to the country’s investment potential — was launched in London recently. The event was organised by the Embassy of Belarus to the United Kingdom, jointly with The Financial Times and the National Investment and Privatisation Agency. The presentation gathered nearly 100 participants, including representatives of the world’s top banks (Barclays Capital and City Bank), financial and investment companies, rating agencies (JP Morgan and Fitch), international organisations (EBRD and NDEP) and British business circles. Attendees gained familiarity with Belarus’ potential in high technologies, energy, pharmaceuticals and other spheres.

According to the Belarusian Foreign Ministry’s Press Service, the event confirmed high interest in Belarus among foreign companies and allowed foreign partners and potential investors to establish direct contact with the National Investment and Privatisation Agency.

fDi Magazine is a foreign direct investment publication owned by The Financial Times, which enjoys a wide readership circulation — from international investment agencies and banks to the political and business elite. It specialises in investigating direct foreign investments and in analysing the investment climate.

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