Belarus’ Central Commission for Elections and National Referenda reports on results of elections for President of Republic of Belarus

On December 24th, 2010, the Central Commission for Elections and National Referenda — after studying the data collated by regional and Minsk city commissions — defined the following presidential election results

The total number of voters in the Republic of Belarus was 7,105,660, with 6,444,776 attending polling stations. In line with Part 3 of Article 79 of Belarus’ Election Code, the elections have been acknowledged to have taken place, since 6,441,031 people cast their ballot (90.65 percent of the total number of voters).
According to Part 4 of Article 79 of Belarus’ Election Code, Alexander Lukashenko was elected the President of the Republic of Belarus, receiving 5,130,557 votes — or 79.65 percent (chosen by more than half of eligible Belarusian voters).
Other candidates saw the following results:
Grigory Kostusev: 126,999 votes — or 1.97 percent of voters;
Alexei Mikhalevich: 65,748 votes — or 1.02 percent;
Vladimir Neklyaev: 114,581 votes — or 1.78 percent;
Yaroslav Romanchuk: 127,281 votes — or 1.98 percent;
Vitaly Rymashevsky: 70,515 votes — or 1.09 percent;
Andrei Sannikov: 156,419 votes — or 2.43 percent;
Nikolai Statkevich: 67,583 votes — or 1.05 percent;
Viktor Tereshchenko: 76,764 votes — or 1.19 percent; and
Dmitry Uss: 25,117 votes — or 0.39 percent.
416,925 Belarusians — or 6.47 percent of voters — supported none of the candidates.
62,542 (0.97 percent) of ballots were invalid.

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