Beauty of landscapes and nature in ‘another dimension’

Belarusfilm National Film Studio presents Island of Wonder or Polesie Robinsons two-part children’s adventure film
By Vladimir Samsonov

Island of Wonder or Polesie Robinsons tells of the adventures of 12 year olds Ilya, Miron, and Miron’s sister Yulia, who set out in search of an island from Yanka Mavr’s novel. The film also features Vladlenych, the grandfather of Miron and Yulia, and a money-obsessed journalist. The characters find themselves transported in time, to a land ruled by a black magician, where they discover the real value of life…

Belarusfilm Director Oleg Silvanovich emphasises, “The most important thing about the film is that it refers to our national literature. We shouldn’t forget the great book by Yanka Mavr, which we all know from childhood. We want children to value our culture, the beauty of our landscapes and the opportunities that Belarus gives to young people. We’ve noticed that our children are losing their connection with nature, and that is why the film features so many outdoor scenes. It’s important for Belarusfilm to show the vast opportunities that our country offers. We only need to rediscover them. We updated Yanka Mavr’s plot and connected two time periods, so the characters from the book meet modern children.”

The main roles are played by Belarusian schoolchildren from Minsk: Alexander Talako, Mikhail Karenetsky, Yegor Rozsudovsky and Yegor Shik. Anastasia Kravchenya, from Gomel, who won the Audience Choice Award in the I Sing contest.

The film also features People’s Artist of the USSR Gennady Ovsyannikov, People’s Artist of Belarus Alexander Tkachenok, actors Sergey Vlasov, Igor Denisov, and Vladimir Ivanov. The script was written by Fiodor Konev and Yegor Konev, while the producer is Sergey Sychev.
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