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Winner of Miss Belarus beauty pageant to shape image of country worldwide, alongside athletes and cultural figures

Beauty is truly a great power

Winner of Miss Belarus beauty pageant to shape image of country worldwide, alongside athletes and cultural figures

The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, in his speech before the Miss Belarus-2016 beauty pageant finals, noted that those taking part are on a path of success across many spheres, including mainstream politics for some, since beauty is irresistible. “Beauty is insuperable in the economy, politics, and life,” underlined the Head of State.

Polina Borodacheva of Minsk was awarded the ‘Miss Belarus-2016’ title, with a crown weighing 120g, presented to her, being made in 2014 from white gold and being graced with 500 phianites and topazes.

“Today we’ll crown the most beautiful Belarusian girl who will shape the image of the country together with athletes and figures of culture. I will not conceal that I came here to show respect to our wonderful women. Boldly speaking, it’s an opportunity to say that we love them. Because our women are the pearls in the necklace of the Belarusian nation,” stressed Mr. Lukashenko.

The President noted that the 10th Miss Belarus beauty pageant takes place in the Year of Culture. “Admiration of beauty, harmony, and perfection is the foundation of culture, especially of our spiritual Belarusian culture. Women’s beauty is one of the most miraculous and amazing creations of nature,” he said.

Crown perfectly fits Polina Borodacheva. Photo: Sergey LOZYUK

In Belarusian and Slavonic culture, women are profoundly respected and admired, for their beauty and wisdom, and have been since ancient times. Great ladies have acted not only as muses and companions, but have created history. As an example, the President mentioned St. Yevfrosiniya Polotskaya, Anastasia Slutskaya, Sophia Slutskaya, Aloiza Pashkevich, Larisa Aleksandrovskaya, and other renowned Belarusian women. “Wonderful heroines of our time are glorifying Belarus with their sporting feats, and remarkable achievements in art, science, medicine, and other fields. It’s important that this beauty pageant gives our girls the unique opportunity to show their worth and reveal new talents,” noted the Head of State.

The Head of State advised participants of the contest, “We’re having a difficult time. Your parents, as well as nature, gave you incredible beauty. Don’t run away or squander it. Life is short, so use everything to fullest extent.”

By Vladimir Velikhov
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