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Belarus hosts prestigious beauty pageant
Don’t be surprised if you notice a bevy of beauties in Minsk this September. The Belarusian capital is hosting Miss Supranational, gathering entrants from around the world. The contest is among the top five international beauty contests and is known for being open and fair, while placing high demands on its participants. Girls from seventy countries (and five continents) are taking part.

Miss Supranational was hosted by Latin America for a long time, where female beauty is highly appreciated. However, the contest moved to Europe in 2009, with Poland hosting it for four years in a row. Polish cities ‘fought’ severely to win the honour, as it’s a true pleasure to host the contest. The event is broadcast to 70 states.

This year, Belarus is hosting the prestigious international forum: a fitting honour, as our Belarusian beauties have successfully won prizes in previous years. In 2009, Marina Lepesha became Miss Supranational First Runner-Up and, in 2011, Lyudmila Yakimovich did the same. Last year, Yekaterina Buraya, from Bobruisk, won the crown. In previous years winners have been Poland’s Monika Lewczuk (2011), Panama’s Karina Pinilla (2010) and Ukraine’s Oksana Moria (2009). The ladies recently visited Belarus, to see Minsk’s preparations for the international pageant.

The contestants will officially arrive in August, explains the First Deputy Chairman of ONT TV Channel (organising the event), Sergey Khomich. He tells us to expect a spectacular show. “It’s being organised six months before the World Hockey Championship so we aim to link the two, giving the forum a hockey or ice theme. Three weeks before the contest, we’ll try to teach the entrants to skate and play hockey.”

Those aged 17 to 26 wishing to represent Belarus can apply to ONT TV Channel. Entrants may not be married or divorced, must not have children and must speak English. In addition, model looks are required. The terms are to appear on the TV channel’s website in February.

The finals will take place on September 6th, with a venue yet to be chosen. No doubt, it will be a unique event for Belarus, with the TV broadcast presenting our culture to a global audience. All beauty pageant hosts use such events to promote their country.
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