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Bandaging materials with silver meet European standards

Mogilev’s Lenta JSC to produce medical bandages with silver ions
“After starting industrial production of bandaging materials in 2010, we’ve expanded our range to over 20 varieties. One such innovation is medical bandages with silver ions,” notes Director General Sergey Petrov.

The new bandages may be applied to wounds of all types and boast a range of advantages, being impregnated with a solution of silver nano-particles. Of course, silver is known for its anti-bacterial characteristics. It also deters fungal infections and is odourless and non-toxic.

“The innovation has been successfully tested in medical institutions so we’re now launching it on the domestic market, while studying how best to export to neighbouring states,” adds Mr. Petrov. He underlines that the new bandaging materials manufactured by Lenta meet European standards and come in various widths and structures, for particular purposes. Their ‘pulled-in’ edge avoids the ends penetrating the wound while being easy to reel out and use. In addition, the bandages allow wounds to ‘breathe’, and are comfortable and highly absorbent. 
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