Ball-shaped crowns to surprise

Garden boasting trees of unusual shapes to appear in Minsk

By Anastasia Yanushevskaya

At present, a range of garden trees is being developed, with their crowns likely to be spherical, drooping or creeping, via grafting, rather than cutting. The garden will boast weeping elms, ball-shaped larches, hawthorns with spherical double flowers and ball-shaped maples, among others.

The project is being fulfilled by the Central Botanical Garden and Minskzelenstroy enterprise, which is soon to determine the site for planting trees. “The garden will occupy approximately one hectare and needs to be on an existing, prominent green site,” notes Igor Garanovich, who heads the woody plant introduction laboratory at the National Academy of Sciences’ Central Botanical Garden. He notes that 1.5-2m saplings will be planted in late April.

In future, other unusual gardens are to be created in the Belarusian capital, including those with lilacs and a continuously blooming garden filled with forsythia, shrubby cinquefoil, lilac, jasmine and other shrubs, ensuring flowering from April to September. An evergreen garden of cedars, junipers and cypresses is also planned.

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