Awards bestowed on the most worthy

Belarus is an island of stability in today’s troubled times
At the beginning of May, Belarusians celebrate important and long-awaited holidays such as Easter, Labour Day, the Day of the State Flag and Emblem, and Victory Day. According to the President, the latter is the most important state holiday. Following long tradition, the ceremony to award distinguished Belarusians is timed to coincide with this day.

During the awards ceremony

Belarus is an island of stability in today’s troubled times, noted Alexander Lukashenko at the state awards ceremony, adding that the generation of victors who saved the Homeland from Nazi enslavement and who brought peace and freedom to mankind gave a precept to protect the country’s security. “We’re truly proud of this in today’s troubled times,” underlined Mr. Lukashenko. This is to the credit of the military, who maintain public order and peace in society, guard state borders and prevent crimes while protecting the lives and property of citizens.”

The best representatives of law enforcement bodies were awarded ‘For Service to the Homeland’ orders and ‘For Impeccable Military Service’ medals.

State awards were also presented to figures of culture at the ceremony in the Palace of Independence. This is not accidental, since 2016 has been announced the Year of Culture in Belarus. Therefore, the country is paying special attention to the creative people who imbue life with beauty, spirituality and a great diversity of feelings bringing out the best in people.

“Your art deserves accolades and appreciation both in Belarus and abroad. You honourably represent various forms and genres of art which, according to the great writer Honore de Balzac, is the face of the nation,” noted the President, while addressing the figures of arts and culture attending the ceremony.

The President also gave awards to a large group of school and university teachers. State awards were conferred on directors of Minsk gymnasiums, as well as teachers of Molodechno and Volozhin gymnasiums for the successful application of efficient methods in education. Representatives of the Yanka Kupala Grodno State University, the Belarusian State Economic University, the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of Belarus, the Belarusian National Technical University, and the National Academy of Sciences were awarded for productive research and training of specialists.

Among those recognised were also representatives of such spheres of activity as construction and agriculture, state management, physical culture and sports. “The Homeland values and supports all those making a contribution for the common good. Orders, medals, and honorary titles, as well as honour and respect in society always find their heroes. A wise proverb says that as gold doesn’t change its colour in the course of time people’s good reputations never fade away,” noted Mr. Lukashenko.

The President stressed that Belarus’ major wealth is our wonderful people, protecting their native land and glorifying our young and sovereign state with their deeds.

By Vladimir Velikhov
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