Automobiles in remote areas have no shortage of fuel

Belorusneft launches Grodno Region’s first mobile gas station

Belorusneft launches Grodno Region’s first mobile gas station

The mobile gas station has begun delivering fuel to drivers in the Shchuchin District, being loaded at Volkovysk’s trade area. It then takes the fuel to a special platform in the village of Zheludok, where the AI-92 petrol and diesel oil can be transferred to vehicles’ tanks.

The mobile station is equipped with two fuel-pumps, able to deliver up to 7 cubic metres each. The modern petrol station is automated, with payment accepted in cash, as well as via bank card.

Belarus’ NPK Company set up the platform, by order of Belorusneft-Grodnooblnefteprodukt enterprise, which now has five such mobile stations operating. Belorusneft Production Association is the largest oil retail operator in the Republic of Belarus, with the most extensive network of gas stations: more than 530, delivering about 70 percent of Belarus’ automobile fuel.

By Valery Semenchenko
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