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Belarusian heavy-duty dump trucks to be manufactured in Russia
By Oleg Averyanov

Joint KuzbassBelAuto enterprise has been the largest dealer of BelAZ vehicles in Russia for over three years. Over the last year alone, it has been responsible for selling over half the goods produced by the Belarusian manufacturer. It now has new plans: to launch production of a 90 tonne capacity heavy-duty dump truck, in Kuzbass.

“Such co-operation is beneficial to both states. We can keep current machine building facilities at full capacity, while BelAZ can expand capacity to manufacture the latest heavy-duty dump trucks,” emphasises Mikhail Fedyaev, the President of the Siberian Business Union Holding Company. 

Annually, up to two hundred 90 tonne BelAZ trucks are to be manufactured at Kuzbass, with even more powerful 130 tonne models planned for the future, meeting all Russian needs for such vehicles. The Belarusian factory in Zhodino is designing new heavy-duty dump trucks which are unrivalled worldwide. At present, 220 tonne BelAZ vehicles are most popular and demand continues to rise.

“We’ve now begun to design a totally new 450 tonne heavy-duty dump truck: to be the world’s largest vehicle. We plan to show it at a specialised fair in Las Vegas (USA) this year and, in 2013, will test it under real working conditions,” notes BelAZ Director General Piotr Parkhomchik. The enterprise even plans a future 560 tonne heavy-duty dump truck.

BelAZ is the world’s largest manufacturer of heavy-duty dump trucks with heavy lifting capacity — for use in mining and construction. Only a handful of such enterprises operate in Belarus, using 30-55 tonne vehicles, so production is export-oriented. BelAZ’s major customers are CIS mining enterprises — primarily in Russia. The trucks also sell well in Australia, and are used in iron and manganese ore mines in the South-African Republic. Other African states are also showing themselves as potential clients, including Zimbabwe and Mozambique. In Latin America, Cuba, Venezuela and Chile are among the foremost buyers.

“This year, BelAZ has expanded its geography of sales,” stresses Mr. Parkhomchik. “In May, we’ll see new sales markets opening in Peru and Brazil.”
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