‘Authentic’ folk village to attract many tourists

Ethno-cultural complex under construction in Myadel District
By Marina Svetlova

A truly unique $6m investment project is being funded by a private investor as part of the state development programme for the Naroch area. The new tourist resort is located near the village of Nanosy, where the picturesque fields stretch down to the tranquillity of Lake Naroch. Its pinewood forests ensure clean air, and peace: perfect for recuperation.

The ethno-cultural tourist agro-complex will allow guests to learn about ancient Belarusian traditions and household customs, with village life recreated in every detail — from workshops of national crafts, to the care of domestic animals and the baking of bread. Visitors will be able to stay in one of twelve individually designed cottages (ten being single floored). Of course, all are furnished in traditional style, with lamps, furniture and curtains decorated as they would have been in times gone by. The walls are painted in national style and each house has a stove (used for drying clothes and footwear, as well as providing warmth). Prominent masters and unique stove setters have ensured that only a small woodpile is need to keep the house warm for a long time. The stoves have been individually designed, being highly decorated (such as with images of winter and summer). Each cottage also has a banya and open-air chicken huts (so fresh eggs are guaranteed).

The administrative building includes a fire station, since the buildings are all wooden. Concept manager and chief architect Pavel Golub tells us that his design is based on eco-friendliness and promotion of Belarusian colour.
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