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In past two years, number of Minskers has risen over 27,000

By Victoria Rymashevskaya

Minsk’s Main Statistical Department states that the number of Minskers is growing — owing to migration and the natural birth rate. As of early 2011, over 1,864,000 people resided in the capital — a fifth of the country’s population.

Statistical figures indicate that more women are registered in Minsk than men: 1,184 per 1,000. Meanwhile, the number of boys prevails among children of all ages. The recent census shows that the number of 0-15 year olds has risen by 6,300, reaching almost 270,000.

Pensioners account for 20 percent of all Minskers and the Statistical Department notes that ageing is among the major features of city residents. In line with UN classification, a population is viewed as old if those above the age of 65 account for 7 percent; in Minsk, this figure reached almost 11 percent in 2011.

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