As a symbol and for beauty

Two sculptures devoted to Slutsk belts will appear on Slutsk streets

Approval to the further implementation of two objects of monumental art, which are devoted to Slutsk belts, received

In the country continues to implement the state program of revival of technology and production traditions Slutsk belts and development of the national production of souvenirs «Slutsky belt» for the years 2012–2015.

Major reconstruction is in the industrial building of RUE of art products «Slutsky belt» that is on the street M. Bogdanovich in Slutsk. Considerable attention is paid and to the improvement of the territory, which will get its own style and artistic perfection. Very soon two new monumental objects will be appeared there. And directly in the housing a unique museum Slutsk belts will be created.

The other day, a regular meeting of the Minsk regional artistic advisory council on the monumental and the monumental and decorative art took place. On it were considered the model of the sculptures in the soft option. The sculpture «Weaver», on which sculptor Sergei Gumilevsky (on pictured) and the architect Irina Voronets are working, will be meeting visitors at the entrance to the industrial building enterprise. It is a figure of the master of times of old manufactory, which is carefully holds in his hands Slutsky belt and with tenderness looks at the creation of his hands. «The idea appeared in connection with the fact that the industrial complex and the museum is a place where, no doubt, there will be many visitors and tourists. And it needs that it to have its own symbol, which would have immediately attracted the look and remained in the memory, in the pictures and in future was associated with the company and its distinctive products. Therefore, the figure has relatively chamber, little genres decision that is quite justified», – head of the departament of the Institute of Arts, Ethnography and Folklore named Kondrat Krapiva NAS of Belarus, candidate of art criticism, scientific director of the project in Slutsk Boris Lazuko said. 

The second sculpture – «Revival of Slutsky belt» – will take its place in the park, very close to the production, in which will be make copies of famous belts, and to the historical spot where once stood manufactory. In the public garden has been much done: walkways, installed lights and even ground for the future of the monumental composition. Artwork decided quite decorative, this is sculptural image of belt. The work performed by Sergei Gumilevsky and architect Anatoly Kozlenko. Tapes of Slutsky belt framed flower that grows and in all its beauty dissolves petals. Coat of arms composition put at the bottom of both sides of monument – it is the emblem of Slutsk and monogram of Radziwill.

«I must say that we all feel a great responsibility for the outcome. The great work was performed in a fairly short period of time. Indifferent are no here. Frankly, I couldn’t do without the help and advice of Slutsk students of local lore who have good knowledge on the subject material. Sluck actively participated in the discussion of projects, sketches were submitted to the executive committee, citizens made proposals and wishes. I’m sure the sculptures not only will adorn the entire complex, but will be the most important part of it», – Boris Lazuko said.

And now the work is entering the home straight. The last discussion of regional artistic advisory council on the monumental and the monumental and decorative art took place in the workshop of sculpture factory, where songs were presented in full size in a soft material. All council members unanimously voted «for». The customer also approved the work. Deputy Chairman of the Slutsky Executive Committee Larissa Dobrovolskaya was expressed this opinion.

Very soon the model will be molding and casting, and this summer we will see the two original bronze sculptures in the ensemble in Slutsk.

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