Artist that sits on the roof, or Mood of the moment

N. Isayonok’s works are available in the National Art Museum of Belarus, Funds of the Union of Artists of Belarus, Funds of the Union of Artists of Russia, Modern Arts Museum in Minsk, State Tretyakov Gallery and are kept in galleries and private collections in Germany, Japan, Italy, the UK, Belgium, Hungary, the Netherlands, Israel, Italy, Canada, Luxemburg, France, etc.
The artist Nikolai Isayonok loves his country house near Borisov (in the Minsk Region), from the roof of which (where even I, the author, sat once) there is a wonderful view of the clematises that his wife had planted. Naturally, his wife is an artist, too. It is from the top that the artist Isayonok likes to look at fleurs-de-lis, phloxes, chamomiles…

He gets on the roof when another picture has been completed and he needs to be inspired for the next one. That’s the way for him to catch this flowery mood, as he has taken up flowers recently. He is so good that you can almost feel the subtle scent.

— People tend to like the flowers that grow, the flowers in pots, and not those that have been cut. It is the flower is a pot that may carry this power and energy, Nikolai explains.

He succeeds perfectly well both with flowers and landscapes. Isayonok uses
lights and shadows perfectly well, he combines colors — green, pink, blue, azure, gray. His landscapes seem to emanate light. He likes to joke that he is the king of flowers and colors (the same word for them in Russian).

— Maria Costelmonte was called the queen of still lifes, so I am the king of colors/flowers.

The personal display of the Isayonoks family has been touring in Italy for four years now. The exposition gathered crowds in Saint-Vincent in the king’s residency of Reggia di Colorno, the Sierra di Milano center and Olivetti Conference Center in Vidracco.

— Italians are very much interested in the Belarusian art school. Europeans have lost their excellent realistic school, and they are bound to come here to learn, Nikolai says.

It is hard to disagree: Isayonok was the one to follow the realistic school meticulously back in the 70s–80s. It is history now, but it is still an important part of his life. The Modern Arts Museum in Minsk has recently displayed a collection of Isayonok’s early works.

— I would never paint the things that I am unaware of, Nikolai says. — I only live when I paint, so the realistic reflection of objects and land is unimportant, while the mood of the short moment is.

by Galiya Fatykhova
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